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nds: Wenn du den Bot-Status för een vun dien Brukerkonten hebben wist, denn kannst du hier dien Andrag rinschrieven. Schriev dorbi, wat dien Bot maken schall. Wenn du al den Bot-Status op de engelsche oder hoochdüütsche Wikipedia hest, denn warrst du woll kenen Schiet maken un kannst dien Bot-Status ok gau kriegen.
en: If you want the bot-flag for one of your accounts, please request it on this page. Please also note, what your bot is supposed to do. If you have already bot status on the English or German Wikipedia, we assume your bot is doing no harm and can quickly get the bot-flag.

Andrääg/Requests[Bornkood ännern]

JackieBot[Bornkood ännern]

  • Operator: ru:User:Jackie
  • Function: interwiki on the main and category namespaces, commonscat links on the categories
  • Operation: Manual and automatic
  • Software: pywikipediabot engine
  • Has bot flags on: global bot and many flags (See SUL, please)
  • Bot flags pending: none

Already flagged on en, de, nl and other large wiki. -- Jackie

Innocent bot (approved)[Bornkood ännern]

  • Operator: sv:User:Lavallen
  • Function: Updating the population numbers from the 2010 Census in pages using Vörlaag:Infobox US-Kreis (3140 pages)
  • Operation: Automatic, every edit is checked. max 4/min
  • Software: DotNetWikiBot Framework/C# (The bot is sometimes using AWB on other projects, but not here.)
  • Has bot flags on: w:sv:, s:sv:, n:sv: sulutil:Innocent bot
  • Bot flags pending: none

I am already doing this on svwiki, and since the code already is written, I only have to modify it a little, to make it work on other projects. -- Lavallen 20:32, 11. Jul. 2011 (CEST)[anter]

This is the first testedit. -- Lavallen 20:42, 11. Jul. 2011 (CEST)[anter]
Test edit looks good. I'll wait some time so others might give additional input and if no objections or additional suggestions come in I'll grant your bot bot status. --::Slomox:: >< 13:59, 12. Jul. 2011 (CEST)[anter]
It will take more than one testedit before I know everything works fine in all articles, but don't worry. --- Lavallen 16:35, 12. Jul. 2011 (CEST)[anter]
Looks like the U.S. Census Bureau do not have numbers for kreis-free areas like Alexandria (Virginia) yet. I have to skip them in this bot-run. Otherwise I feel safe with the code this far. The text on all pages are almost the same, and do not challenge the ability of the bot very much. -- Lavallen 11:20, 14. Jul. 2011 (CEST)[anter]
Okay, bot-flag is set now. --::Slomox:: >< 12:48, 14. Jul. 2011 (CEST)[anter]

Darkicebot (approved)[Bornkood ännern]

  • Operator: simple:User:Razorflame
  • Function: interwiki
  • Operation: automatic as long as I am on, which is usually between 4 and 12 hours.
  • Software: standard pywikipediabot updated daily.
  • Has bot flags on:simple, it, es, fr, az, en, de, pt, bs, vec, ca, sv, vo, uk, ru, az, ar, ku, he, nl, hu, fi, eo, sk, ja, gl, vi, zh, pl, oc, id, an
  • Bot flags pending:cs, bg, be, fa, da, co, ro, ht, mr, sr, sl, ko, lt, no, tr, io, zh-yue, zh-classical, ast, bar, eu, si, so

This bot will be making anywheres between 4 and 12 edits per minute. If you require any test edits or if you grant or deny the flag, please contact me on my talk page over on Simple English Wikipedia: simple:User talk:Razorflame. Thank you! Darkicebot 21:17, 14. Feb. 2009 (CET)[anter]

Bot-flag on several projects. Flag is set now. --::Slomox:: >< 21:28, 3. Mär 2009 (CET)[anter]

Albambot (approved)[Bornkood ännern]

  • Operator: ko:User:알밤한대
  • Purpose: Interwiki
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted: Automatic (-autonomous mode)
  • Programming Language: Pywikipediabot via SVN updated.
  • Already has bot flag: 60+ wikipedias

--Albambot 00:11, 16. Feb. 2009 (CET)[anter]

Bot-flag on several projects. Flag is set now. --::Slomox:: >< 21:28, 3. Mär 2009 (CET)[anter]

MerlLinkBot[Bornkood ännern]

  • Weblinks, die durch einen Domainwechsel oder Strukturwechsel der Homepage so nicht mehr gültig sind, jedoch über eine neue URL vom gleichen Betreiber weiterhin zur Verfügung gestellt werden, ersetzt der Bot.
  • Automatisch oder Manuell: halbautomatisch
  • Programmiersprache: Java (eigenes Framework)
  • Bereits genehmigtes Botflag auf: de (home - die Weblinkersetzung auf dewiki hatte zuvor mein anderer Bot de:User:MerlBot gemacht), en, commons, simple, ru, fr, es, pt, ca, da, ksh, be-x-old, ro, it, cs, no, sh, hr some more requested (see all flags)

ButkoBot[Bornkood ännern]

I request a bot flag for ButkoBot

I make test edits --Butko 09:09, 30. Jun. 2009 (CEST)[anter]

HerculeBot[Bornkood ännern]

I request a bot flag for HerculeBot

  • Bot operator: fr:user:Hercule
  • List of botflags on other projects: 57 local flags, including de and en, and global bot. Contributions in all Wikimedia projects. Flags and edit counter in other projects see here.
  • Purpose: interwiki, and fixing double redirects when needed
  • Technical details: use pywikipedia, update from SVN before start --Hercule 10:11, 31. Aug. 2009 (CEST)[anter]
Done. --Mav 23:19, 18. Dez 2010 (CET)

Mjbmrbot[Bornkood ännern]

  • Operator: Mjbmr
  • Purpose: Interwiki
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted: Automatic
  • Programming Language: Python (Pywikipediabot)
  • Already has bot flag: Please see here

Thanks Mjbmr Talk 19:27, 7. Nov. 2010 (CET)

Done. --Mav 00:43, 29. Nov. 2010 (CET)[anter]

TjBot (approved)[Bornkood ännern]

Hello, I'd like to request for a bot flag.

  • Operator: id:User:Tjmoel
  • Purpose: Adding/modifying interwiki links
  • Software: Pywikipediabot
  • Already has bot flag on: id (home), id, be_x_old, cs, lb, sw, Other flag
I do hope that I will be granted for bot flag, if possible. Thanks. Regards, Tjmoel 02:04, 23. Nov. 2009 (CET)[anter]
Bot-flag is set now. --::Slomox:: >< 12:33, 6. Jun. 2012 (CEST)[anter]

EmausBot[Bornkood ännern]

I request for a bot flag for EmausBot

Thanks! --Emaus 17:44, 18. Jul. 2010 (CEST)[anter]

WikitanvirBot[Bornkood ännern]

  • 1. Operator  : Wikitanvir
  • 2. Automatic or Manually Assisted : Automatic
  • 3. Programming Language(s)  : Python (pywikipedia)
  • 4. Function Summary  : Interwiki
  • 5. Edit period(s)  : Daily
  • 6. Edit rate requested  : 2/3 edits per minute at most
  • 7. Already has a bot flag (Y/N)  : Yes, see here
  • 8. Function Details  : Bot will patrol recent changes and new pages, and add, remove, or modify interwiki links in autonomous mode.

My bot is in test period on both en and de wiki. You may grant my flag after those two grant in their own wiki. Currently my bot doing some test edits here. Notify me if there is a problem. — Tanvir • 14:02, 1. Okt 2010 (CEST)

This bot is now flagged on 50+ wikis. Consider falgging this bot. Thanks. — Tanvir • 15:28, 18. Okt 2010 (CEST)
Done. --Mav 03:03, 25. Dez 2010 (CET)

Kgsbot[Bornkood ännern]

  • Bot : - Kgsbot
  • Bot User: -Kiran Gopi and Home Wiki User Page User Kiran Gopi. If needed to contact immedietly you can leave message on my Home wiki Talk page.
  • Purpose:-I would like to run the bot for only interwiki links. Other bot flags on arz, be, bn, bs, ca, cs, da, de, en, fi, fr, he, hi, hu, it, li,lmo, ml, nl, no, pl, ru, simple, sw wikipedias
  • Frequency:-Once in day or two
  • Details: - This is using pywiki and using the latest for creating interwiki links.

Many Thanks Kiran Gopi 12:56, 5. Okt 2010 (CEST)

MerlIwBot (approved)[Bornkood ännern]

  • Betreiber: de:User:Merlissimo
  • Aufgaben: Interwiki
  • Automatisch oder Manuell: automatic
  • Programmiersprache: Java
  • Bereits genehmigtes Botflag auf: dewiki,ruwiki,frwiki,enwiki,eswiki,nlwiki,plwiki,itwiki,ukwiki,idwiki,cswiki,kshwiki,alswiki,trwiki,nnwiki,bnwiki,wuuwiki,mtwiki,bswiki,ptwiki,jawiki (sulutil:see all flags)
  • Details Ich habe mein Bot-Framework, dass ihr bereits von #MerlLinkBot kennt, um Interwikis erweitert. Der Focus liegt hierbei auf der Behebung von Interwiki-Problemen, die nicht vom pywikipediabot gelöst werden können.

Mein Bot ist deshalb eine gute Ergänzung zu den aktuell laufenden pywikipediabot und nicht ein zusätzlicher redundanter Bot, worauf sich vermutlich eure Anmerkung im Intro bezieht. Aufgrund des Designs wird es von ihm nur eine Instanz geben. Er nutzt die Toolserver-Datenbank für eine Analyse der Interwikiverbindungen. So findet er aktuell für ndswiki z.B. über 200 Interwikis zu nicht existierenden Seiten. Würde mich über ein Botflag freuen, damit er effizient auf allen Wikis arbeiten kann. Merlissimo 13:43, 9. Apr. 2011 (CEST)[anter]

Bot-Flag gesetzt. --::Slomox:: >< 15:54, 9. Apr. 2011 (CEST)[anter]

HiW-Bot (approved)[Bornkood ännern]

  • Operator  : Hedwig in Washington
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted : automatic
  • Programming Language(s)  : Python (pywikipedia), daily update
  • Function Summary  : Interwiki, Internationalization by removing chaos in Babel-Category so it can be used properly and easy. Double redirects will be added shortly
  • Already has a bot flag (Y/N)  : Yes: 23 Wikis so far, others pending. see here
Moin! Platt snaken kuenn ik wohl, mit dem schrieven klapp dat nech so dolle. Düswegen heb ik den Andrach op Bot Status in Äänglisch gemakt. Det heb ik to huus in mien notepad so aafspiekert. De bot makt nix anners als düsse Interwikis un mookt ok düsse double redirects wedder hin. Nee, der mookt die wech. Ik töffel. Von dat problem mit de Interwiki weet ik wohl. Düswen schall de bot och eene olle flagge heven, ik glööv dat mutt. Bei deese dusseligen Babel-Dingers mutt Du ersmol dien abitur maken. Dor is jümmers een groten wuling, keen aas makt dor mol hausputz. ik versök dat 'n beten beter to maken un de dinngers in all die wikipedias to schrieven. Is dat OK med die annern Brukers? Mit die allerbeste Gröten, --Hedwig in Washington 23:32, 7. Sep. 2011 (CEST)[anter]
Bot-Flagg is nu sett. --::Slomox:: >< 11:14, 2. Nov. 2011 (CET)[anter]

Req. for removal of Bot flag[Bornkood ännern]

Moin! HiW-Bot is juemmers utdated, de Bot-Flagg kuenn we nu afhaaken un wegmooken. Mit die allerbeste Gröten, --Hedwig in Washington 02:38, 4. Jun. 2013 (CEST)[anter]

JhsBot (approved)[Bornkood ännern]

I have seen the message on top about not approving more interwiki bots. I think this is a foolish attitude, and the reason is that bots not only add interwikis, but also solve problems with incorrect links. Take, for example, a wiki where an article X has lots of interwikis pointing to it. Then suddenly the article is moved to X (Y), and another article with other interwiki links is added at X, because that is the more widely used use of the word X in that language. A correct move, yes, but it will effectively halt all bots from adding interwikis to article X in any language, because there are conflicting results as to which interwikis should be added. This can become a big mess, but can be solved relatively easy with a bot as well (if it doesn't run completely on automatic). So when my bot doesn't have a bot status in ndswiki, I can solve that in all wikis except one, but it won't be done in ndswiki, and the problem still exists for the next bot that edits that article. Therefore it is important to allow more interwiki bots, and more important to allow global bots, in order to make this much easier. Thanks, Jon Harald Søby 14:04, 8. Okt 2011 (CEST)

Oh, also I saw the message about interlanguage extension: I agree that it would be awesome to have that, and make all of our lives much simpler, but I'm afraid it is not likely to happen any time soon, so bots are still important. Jon Harald Søby 14:06, 8. Okt 2011 (CEST)
Bots may be necessary in the meantime, but bots already exist and we don't necessarily need new ones. I'll approve it anyways for now, because central interwikis are now officially developed by WM DE and I hope the issue will be solved in 2012. I hope your bot will participate in the removal of interwikis and insertion of central iw repository links next year ;-)
Bot-flag is set now. --::Slomox:: >< 11:04, 2. Nov. 2011 (CET)[anter]

Vagobot (approved)[Bornkood ännern]

  • Operator  : Vago
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted : automatic, manually
  • Programming Language(s)  : Python (pywikipedia)
  • Function Summary  : Interwiki, redirects, link FA, GA
  • Already has a bot flag (Y/N)  : Yes +90 wikis

Vago 11:05, 20. Okt 2011 (CEST)

Bot-flag is set now. --::Slomox:: >< 11:06, 2. Nov. 2011 (CET)[anter]

GedawyBot (approved)[Bornkood ännern]

  • Operator  : محمد الجداوي
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted : Automatic
  • Programming Language(s)  : Python
  • Function Summary  : Interwiki
  • Already has a bot flag (Y/N)  : Yes; +65 wikis

I'm so sorry for making alot of test edits.--محمد الجداوي 17:16, 24. Okt 2011 (CEST)

Bot-flag is set now. --::Slomox:: >< 23:40, 2. Nov. 2011 (CET)[anter]

Amirobot (approved)[Bornkood ännern]

  • Operator: Amir
  • Function: interwiki
  • Operation: automatic
  • Software: standard pywikipediabot.
  • Has bot flags on:More than 50 wikis including en and de and global bot flag
  • Bot flags pending: -

Thanks!Ladsgroup 10:19, 10. Nov. 2011 (CET)[anter]

Please unblock my botLadsgroup 11:38, 11. Nov. 2011 (CET)[anter]
Bot-flag is set now. --::Slomox:: >< 12:09, 11. Nov. 2011 (CET)[anter]

ChessBOT[Bornkood ännern]

  • Operator: Mr.Ajedrez
  • Function: interwiki
  • Operation: automatic
  • Software: standard pywikipediabot.
  • Has bot flags on: 21 other wikipedias (including de and en). Check SUL.
  • Bot flags pending: A lot

Thanks. Regards. Mr.Ajedrez 16:35, 14. Dez 2011 (CET)

RedBot[Bornkood ännern]

Thanks in advance. --Redf0x 20:51, 20. Jan. 2012 (CET)[anter]

AvicBot[Bornkood ännern]

  • Operator: Avicennasis
  • Function: Maintain interwikis/fixing double redirects
  • Operation: automatic
  • Software: standard pywikipediabot.
  • Has bot flags on: Global Bot +many more, including EnWp and DeWp.

Thanks! -Avicennasis (SWMT) 04:46, 30. Mai 2012 (CEST)[anter]

SteenthIWbot[Bornkood ännern]

--Steenth 11:35, 11. Okt 2012 (CEST)

Makecat-bot[Bornkood ännern]

Thanks.--Makecat 01:15, 30. Okt 2012 (CET)

CalakBot[Bornkood ännern]

  • Operator  : Calak
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted : Automatic
  • Programming Language(s)  : Python (pywikipedia)
  • Function Summary  : Interwiki
  • Already has a bot flag (Y/N)  : Yes: es, ru, ro, pl, sr, sl, id, da, fa, ar, arz, ku, ckb, ba, chy, ksh, udm
  • Function Details  : just using the standard ""

Thanks.--Calak 15:00, 19. Nov. 2012 (CET)[anter]

Addbot (approved)[Bornkood ännern]

  • Operator  : User:Addshore
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted : Automatic
  • Programming Language(s)  : PHP own code
  • Function Summary  : Removing interwiki links from pages that have links on wikidata
  • Already has a bot flag (Y/N)  : Yes, except (FG,ID,KSH,MO,MR,NDS,PCD,WUU,DV,BR,MIN)
  • Function Details  : 13,000,000ish edits on other language projects using the same code

Thanks.Addshore 01:01, 2. Mär 2013 (CET)[anter]

Bot-flag is set now. --::Slomox:: >< 17:47, 4. Apr. 2013 (CEST)[anter]
Cheers! Addshore 17:57, 4. Apr. 2013 (CEST)[anter]

CarsracBot[Bornkood ännern]

  • Operator  : User:Carsrac
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted : both
  • Programming Language(s)  : Pywikipedia
  • Function Summary  : Adding and removing links and texts that are incorrect
  • Already has a bot flag (Y/N)  : Yes, may edit on all wikipedia's
  • Function Details  : a lot of edits on other language projects using the pywikipedia code

I understand nds, nds-nl, li, zea and speak nl, en and de. Carsrac 22:22, 30. Apr. 2013 (CEST) Thanks. Carsrac 22:22, 30. Apr. 2013 (CEST)[anter]

Dexbot[Bornkood ännern]

  • Operator  : User:Ladsgroup
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted : both
  • Programming Language(s)  : Pywikipedia
  • Function Summary  : Removing Link FA and Link GA templates when the badge exists in Wikidata.
  • Already has a bot flag (Y/N)  : Global, many wikis, admin in fawp and wikidata
  • Function Details  : Since the badges are moved to Wikidata. Link FA and Link GA won't be needed anymore. And because it can't be updated and maintained they should be removed. The bot just removes in case the badge is already in Wikidata (which is correct for almost all of them since my bot did that).

My bot is doing or did this task in these Wikis: en, nl, sv, de, fi, uk, pl, tg, ckb, he, fa, etc. Thanks Ladsgroup 08:22, 9. Sep. 2014 (CEST)[anter]

InternetArchiveBot[Bornkood ännern]

  • Operator  : User:Cyberpower678 and User:Harej
  • Automatic or Manually Assisted : Automatic
  • Programming Language(s)  : PHP
  • Function Summary  : Fixes broken external links and adds previews for books and articles
  • Already has a bot flag (Y/N)  : Flagged on many Wikipedias including both English and German
  • Function Details  : InternetArchiveBot is an advanced bot that fixes broken links to external websites. It is very customizable and can be adapted to different web archive, citation, and dead link templates. It also adds link to digital previews of resources like books and journal articles.

Harej 23:53, 6. Okt. 2023 (CEST)[anter]

Pinging bureaucrat Bruker:Slomox. Harej 23:21, 15. Nov. 2023 (CET)[anter]

Bot policy[Bornkood ännern]

Hello. To facilitate steward granting of bot access, I suggest implementing the standard bot policy on this wiki. In particular, this policy allows stewards to automatically flag known interlanguage linking bots (if this page says that is acceptable), which form the vast majority of such requests. The policy also enables global bots on this wiki (if this page says that is acceptable), which are trusted bots that will be given bot access on every wiki that allows global bots.

This policy makes bot access requesting much easier for local users, operators, and stewards. To implement it we only need to create a redirect to this page from Project:Bot policy, and add a line at the top noting that it is used here. Please read the text at m:Bot policy before commenting. If you object, please say so; I hope to implement in one week if there is no objection, since it is particularly written to streamline bot requests on wikis with little or no community interested in bot access requests. Rubin16 13:31, 1. Jun. 2009 (CEST)[anter]

If you look at the talk page, this was already rejected. -Djsasso 14:53, 1. Jun. 2009 (CEST)[anter]
Oops. Sorry :) Rubin16 16:00, 1. Jun. 2009 (CEST)[anter]