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New requests for interwiki-only bots won't be approved anymore.

This page is intentionally written in English so that those who should read it can understand it.

Robots are very useful for the maintenance of Wikipedia. Managing the interwiki links would not be feasable without them.

  • Feel free to use Wikibots to update the interwiki links to and from the Low Saxon Wikipedia,
  • and feel free to feed the resulting warnfiles into the Low Saxon wikipedia

as long as you meet the following requirements:

  1. You already have the permission to run the robot on the English or German Wikipedia. You do not need a special permission from us, but those two Wikipedias require a permission to run your robot and you will process data from there.
  2. You use a username (anyomous edits of interwiki links are not welcome).
  3. Your username is flagged as robot. You probably know what that means. Ask on requests for bot-status and have your account in the Low Saxon Wikipedia changed to "robot".

The explanation for the last two rules is very simple: We check the edits via Spezial:Recentchanges. That special pages allows us to filter out changes by bots and if you violate against these two rules, we cannot use that filter any more.

These are no real restrictions, so please abide by these rules.

If, however, you use bot software for updating interwiki links without having the bot flag set, we will tell you once, that we do not like this and tell you to get yourself a bot flag. If you continue, we will block your bot account until you tell us that you got the bot flag.