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Hi, sorry but my Plattduutsch is not very good. I have to admit that is is not possibly to proof for the fully 100% that Navalia is Genemuiden, but it is the most used version. So it can't be totally ignored. I hope you understand me. Thanks for reading. Greetings,Rolf1981 01:10, 2. Okt 2009 (CEST)

It is possible to proof 100% that Genemuiden is NOT Navalia. No roman remains have ever been found there. More recently Essen has been named. Kleuske 18:50, 18. Jun. 2014 (CEST)[anter]

Ik harr böös Lust, Rolf1981 to sparren. He höört nich to un dreiht jummers wedder usen Text torüch. Up de Nedderlannsche Wikipedia hett he sik ok mit de doren Lüde in'e Wull. Wat meent Ji? Dat maakt ja keen Sinn, jedet Mol datsülvige to seggen. Wenn he nich höörn will: Sparren ohn Tiedlimit is miene Meenung. Wat meent Ji?--Bolingbroke 15:59, 12. Okt 2009 (CEST)

  • Well, Bolingbroke I can say the same about you. You were the first to change my version. After that I changed it back and added some text for you on the Discussion sector. But you didn't even react, allthough I was being absolutely polite as you can see in the upper part. Just be friendly and read what I typed; it's not that strange that I'm mentioning Genemuiden as the most possible place. Or do you have another opinion? Just react than. Greetings (I won't be so childish to ask for you to be 'sparred') Rolf1981 02:43, 25. Okt 2009 (CEST)
Do you have evidence? If so, you'd better show. If not, don't disturb anymore. Your modification does not improve this article. Stop it! --Iwoelbern 02:51, 25. Okt 2009 (CEST)
No, I do not have evidence, as I already said.But I do have evidence that Genemuiden is the most possible place for historians; see Menno Alting and/or Ubbo Emmius. Rolf1981 13:19, 25. Okt 2009 (CET)
And this is written now in the article: there is no evidence, which explains the sitution more accurately than what was written before. --Iwoelbern 13:51, 25. Okt 2009 (CET)
Friendly guy, that Iwoelbern! Rolf1981 14:27, 2. Nov. 2009 (CET)[anter]