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Is dat Wymysojer een eegen Spraak? Bi Google sün de meesten Sieden Wikipedia-Sieden oder -Speegel, de Ethnologue kennt de Spraak nich un wat op annere Sieden seggt warr, mookt den Indruck as wenn dat eher een Dialekt is. --::Slomox:: >< 15:18, 20 Jan 2005 (UTC)

I can't write Low German, so please forgive me. The language is in fact not listed in Ethnologue. It is little known and it's really difficult to find any info. It is spoken in Wilamowice only by few older people. There is a book in Wymysojer - "Of jer wełt" by Florian Biesik. The Communist government wanted to assimilate them and the language is little promoted.

AFAIR generally, it's derived from some medieval form of High German with some Scots, English and much Polish influence. Zbihniew. zbihniew[at]yahoo[dot]no

Dat is wohl een hauchdütschen Dialekt!--2A02:908:FD33:3000:4532:26C9:3C3B:147E 13:06, 17. Dez 2016 (CET)