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The Poitou-Saintongeais no longer exists since March 2007 in the list Official language of France; see that link: Liste officielle des Langues de France 10:31, 16. Feb. 2008 (CET)

Okay!? What do you suppose we should change on the article? What's the meaning of this list? --::Slomox:: >< 11:48, 16. Feb. 2008 (CET)
Which are the reasons for and against the division into two parts ?

Sarcelles 14:41, 17. Feb. 2008 (CET)

This list indicates that the french Ministry of Culture recognizes now 2 languages, Saintongeais AND Poitevin, attested over eight centuries in our region, rather than just 1 as had wanted by a minority of intellectuals. 14:05, 20. Feb. 2008 (CET)
recognize is a high word for une virgule y prend la place d’un trait d’union. --::Slomox:: >< 19:56, 21. Feb. 2008 (CET)

see link on englis Wikipedia[Bornkood ännern]

Poitevin-Saintongeais is an older classification for the two languages/dialects now officially (in France at least) classfied separately as Poitevin language and Saintongeais. See link: Poitevin-Saintongeais on english Wikipedia

Well, official is no equivalent of reasonable. Why was it officially split?
And, by the way, let me cite the French article: et qui n’a d’ailleurs pas de valeur juridique, little legal value. Xavier North speaks of the whole affair as a matter of replacing a comma, which is of little importance. --::Slomox:: >< 14:17, 20. Feb. 2008 (CET)