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I'm brazilian but i had always some intrest in plattdüütsch, and was amazed to see it as one of the languages of Wikipedia. But i think the translater has an uneconomic way of riting it. I kno many plattdüütsch riters do it, but considring that there is no oficial plattdüütsch spelling, there is no reason to follo such a stupid spelling. Hochdeutsch has short vowels markd by the dubbel consonent folloing it, and long vowels ar not markd in 70% of the cases. In the other 30% thay'r markd by an H or an E after the I or a dubbel vowel. This is silly enuf, since if u mark the short vowel u don't hav to mark the long vowel too. It would be like spelling REED for (to) READ and REDD for the past tense (or the collor). So for evry vowel u need 2 letters. And meny plattdüütsch riters make it werse: thay mark the short vowel as in hochdeutsch, AND thay mark evry long vowel, and werse than that, thay take the hochdeutsch iregularities into plattdüütsch.

If u want to spel the short O, u'd spel OCK. So wy cant he spel "ok" for the long vowel? Wy cant he spel SIN for SIEN, ISENBON insted of ISENBOHN (wich makes me think of BOHN, wich is BEAN in Hochdeutsch). Wy SPRAAKEN if SPRAKEN wood do it perfectly too?

And then GEOGRAPHIE, wair moast peepel ar spelling GEOGRAFIE and it is new Hochdeutsch enyway.

Thair ar also werds like STATSCHONEN and NATSCHONEN. It seems the translater luvs complications. Wy not spel STATIONEN and NATIONEN? Moast languejes pronounse thees werds in a difrent way, but thay spel TION. Besides, meny plattdeutsch speekers don't say TSCHON but SCHON, so the best thing tu du is tu leev it az it is, and not make plattdeutsch look horrable, with 4 consonents in a ro.

Last but not leest, i'm sure the riters ses HEBBT (wich he cood spel HEBT), but meny plattdüütsch speekers, including the wuns in Hamburg, say HET.

So pleez don't make plattdüütsch look werse than Hochdeutsch, with thoze millions of consonents. Plattdüütsch is better.

Zé do Rock (ze@zedorock.net)